Aero-Ark Service Options

Aero-Ark as a Service

Utilize our pre-built and rapidly expanding network of Aero-Ark installations around the globe.

  • Negate Cap-Ex

  • No Maintenance Costs

  • Live Terminal Access per User

  • JSON and Matplotlib Data Feeds

  • Modular Architecture- Implement Forward WiRED, CRI or Both per Site

  • API Suite for Query and On-ward Command.


Purchase our OTS Aero-Ark and deploy statically or mobile.

  • Deployable as Static Pole/Tower Fixed

  • Deployable as Portable, Wheel Fitted Units

  • Fully Contained Units With Power Source and Connectivity via LTE, SATCOM, WiFi or PoE.

  • Solar Option

  • Embedded Unit Screen Option

  • Visualization via Either JSON/Matplotlib Feed or Encrypted Server Access.

  • Modular Architecture- Switch Between WiRED, CRI in real-time or Use Both as Standard.

Rapid Deploy

Deploy any Number of Aero-Ark's on a Short to Medium Term Basis Without the Cap-Ex or Maintenance Costs of Self-Hosting.

  • You Determine Locations for Deployment

  • Enjoy Full Portability

  • All the Features of Self-Hosted