Handheld weapons system mountable "Hard-Stop" solutions for C-UAS.

blue and white striped round textile
blue and white striped round textile


Building on our fixed position Aero-Beam "High Power Laser" system, Roark have produced a lightweight variant that is attachable to almost all commonly used handheld weapons systems.

Combining Li-On batteries, fiber-laser amplifiers and thermal management systems alongside an adjustable barrel connector, the Aero-Beam is the ideal solution for those seeking a mass deployable, manually operated system.

With a stopping range of up to 800M and being independently powered, the Aero-Beam for handheld weapons systems is the future of the battlefield.

black rifle on brown textile
black rifle on brown textile


The weapons system mountable variant of our Aero-Wave C-UAS system consists of 3 main components:

Li-on based power supply

Magnetron Tuner

Conical Horn Radiator

The Aero-Wave has the same barrel connector as the Aero-Beam and so can fit on to almost all commercially used handheld weapons systems.

The Aero-Wave will perform a hard stop in all weather conditions at a range of up to 250M although is not suitable for use in stopping UA's with faraday shielding.

shallow focus photo of man holding rifle
shallow focus photo of man holding rifle

Operational Modes and Information Provision

Both Aero-Mount handheld systems can be deployed in "manual" mode where the "shot" decision making is determined by the operator.

Alternatively the Aero-Mount systems can be equipped with SATCOM functionality to allow them to draw information from our drone detection and identification systems. Voice based guidance is provided in real-time and includes information such as:

  • Distance

  • Speed

  • Drone Type

  • Shielding (Through EM Leakage)

Crucially, the SATCOM mode can make an automated "friend or foe" decision based on the information obtained in real-time from our drone detection systems/network. This facilitates a lock-out mechanism similar to that of Air to Air systems.

Supported Systems

The following is a list of handheld weapons systems that can support the attachment of the Aero-Mount handheld system via the adjustable barrel connector:

  • M14

  • M16A4

  • M4 Carbine

  • HK 33, 416


  • R1

  • H&K G3, G36, G36C, G36E,

  • L85A2 (SA80)

  • Diemaco C7, C8

  • AK-74, AKS-74

  • FAMAS F1

  • FN F2000, FNC

  • S&T Daewoo K11

  • Howa Type 89

  • FAL M5